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Simply use these revolutionary volume enhancing pills for 2 months. If you do not experience a noticeable increase in sperm volume they will refund ALL of your money (minus shipping costs of course). If you have any questions regarding their product, their full time staff can help you here.

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We offer the most comprehensive guarantee around because we’re confident our product REALLY WORKS. So use our product and on the off chance we don’t work for you (don’t worry, we will), take comfort that you’ll get your money back.

Security when ordering the VolumePills

All purchasing methods are 100% secure. There is NO chance of anybody getting your information. They never sell email addresses or postal addresses to other 3rd parties and value your privacy.

Discreet Packaging

All packaging is 100% discreet and contains no mention of the contents. Your privacy is 100% assured.


ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED ON THE SAME DAY AS ORDERED. If you order the pills today, they RUSH them out today. USA orders will be shipped Priority Express Air by the United States. This usually takes 4-5 business days. European orders will be shipped from the UK and will take 3-5 days. Their aim is to get your order into your hands as soon as possible.

Packaging charges:

On any size order you will pay NO packaging and shipping charges. They feel obligated to let you know that many sites will charge you $20+ for packaging and shipping. Their fees stay free!! With them the price you see is the price you get.


Volume Pills make ordering as simple for you as possible and offer several options for ordering. If you have any problems you should contact them or use our telephone support number. All major credit cards are accepted, checks, and mail order.


The VolumePills capsules contain 100% natural ingredients, you can see the full list of ingredients here. Our unique blend and high quality ingredients make our pill the only quality Volume Pill available on the market today.