How many kids do you have? I have two. Internet Sperm Donor has SIXTY kids in secret and his wife doesn’t know about them! He has anonymously confessed in a new documentary.

A BBC3 Documentary, Desperately Seeking Semen, has reported on a story of a man who has donated sperm through unprotected sex to more than sixty women making his family tree pretty large! Even if most don’t know it.

For some women, finding sperm through sperm banks or going through IVF procedures is simply not an option, but an inexpensive option exists where women can get their sperm from male donors through Facebook and other online groups. While some men do it to legitimately help woman who are trying to get pregnant, many openly admit they do it for the thrill of unprotected sex with a stranger. (Although it is important to note that often the ejaculate is donated without any sex involved.

The demand for sperm in Britain far exceeds the supply and number of donors. Men travel the country impregnating women at a small fraction of the cost for doing it medically which can run into the thousands of dollars.

So would you donate your sperm for cash? If you will, you might want to stock up on some Semenax or Volume Pills to ensure you are up to the task!