Once you purchase your first order of Volume Pills or Semenax, you will be one step closer to having the most amazing orgasms possible. Congratulations on taking the step which will help re-spark your relationship. Your rock-hard erections and stronger orgasms are just around the corner.

While taking these supplements will provide amazing results, there are some things you can do to maximize their effects and boost your orgasms to never before imagined levels. Here are 8 tips to get the most out of Volume Pills or Semenax.

Exercise for Better SexExercise

Volume Pills works by increasing blood flow to the penis. By maximizing blood flow, you can maximize the function of your penis. By taking care of your circulatory system you will extend the benefits of taking Volume Pills or Semenax. This includes getting in some daily exercise, whether it be spending some time at the Gym, swimming laps at the pool, or even just going for a walk in the evening. Doing anything that gets the blood pumping – working the cardiovascular system will help you in the bedroom.


The third thing you can do to help increase the effectiveness of Volume Pills is to relax. Relaxation and stress reduction will help to maximize your sex life. Stress has a huge negative impact on your sex drive and can reduce your satisfaction, so sit back and relax!


Don’t stress out. Relax where possible, and do whatever you can to reduce stress and you will see a big improvement.


Its not necessarily easy to avoid depression, but do what you can to curb it, and if necessary, seek help from a professional. If you can rid any depression, you will see an increase in your sexual performance.

Recreational Drugs

These may be fun from time to time, but they can cause both depression, and a reduction of libido, which will affect your sexual performance.


Smoking can have a negative impact on your sex life. Nicotine clogs the arteries and negates the positive effects VolumePills has on the blood flow. Erections become smaller and smaller in time and the sex drive wanes. Smoking also damages the lungs and makes the user less likely to sustain the physical exertion demanded by sex.


Alcohol can cause impotence, try to keep your consumption of alcohol down for maximum results. Alcohol interferes with the production of testosterone and as a result can limit the amount of cum you produce, this results in smaller orgasms.

Eat Healthy for Better SexEating

Poor eating habits can lead to obesity, and obesity can lead to impotence. Choose a healthy diet rich with fruits and vegetables and cut back on red meat, high cholesterol and sugary and fatty foods. Eating right will also help things function a little better. Zinc is a great contributor to sexual health, and this is why it is included in Volume Pills. By eating foods rich in Zinc you can further help your system to work for you. These foods include things such as oysters, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

The Bottom Line

Volume Pills and Semenax can provide you with everything you need to have the best sex and biggest orgasms possible. It has minerals and herbal ingredients that promote blood flow, increase the production of testosterone, raise the energy level and maximize production for more cum. It is up to you to supplement these amazing ingredients with a lifestyle that helps the pills to achieve maximum effectiveness so as to make the best of your purchase.05