A proper understanding of how ejaculate volume contributes to a mans sexual pleasure, the first step is the knowledge of what is involved in male orgasm.

Orgasms in men and women are similar in nature, but for men there are a few unique aspects. The basics of an orgasm involves the contraction of multiple muscles simultaneously working together in order to successfully expel sperm and semen. These contractions involve the PC muscle, the perineum, anal sphincter and even the rectum – not to mention the many different muscles of the penis.

The contraction is paramount to the ejaculation of semen. The contractions first experienced must occur in very short intervals and are typically the most intense. Nearer the end of orgasm, the contractions will subside in both intensity and duration. The initial intensity is an essential component to both quality and volume of ejaculation.

The intensity of orgasm is directly connected to the volume of semen ready to be ejaculated. More semen means a strong and longer orgasm. It is no wonder that more and more products are coming to market designed at improving this function – and increasing the total ejaculate volume.

It’s no wonder that there are numerous products that are aiming to increase the ejaculate volume specifically. Of course, there’s no better way to impress your partner than with the unimaginable volume of your semen. You don’t need a better proof that you’re enjoying the time spend with your partner in a bedroom.

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