The Municipality of Dubai has recently warned residents against using several sexual enhancement products that contain banned ingredients. The 19 health supplements contain ingredients that are known to cause serious side effects.

Head of the Consumer Product Safety Section, Dr. Naseem Mohammad Rafei, said that inspectors had found these products contained harmful ingredients which pose a risk to the public. The sexual enhancement supplements are sold both online through various internet sites and social media.

The most offending ingredients include sildenafil, sulfoaildenafil, dimethylsildenafil, tadalnafil, hydroxyacetildenafil, vardenafil and N-desmethyl tadalafil. (Neither Volume Pills or Semenax contain any of these harmful ingredients) While these ingredients are approved for use in prescription drugs, taking them as a health supplement may be dangerous due to incorrect dosages and other un-monitored interactions. Use of the banned sexual enhancement products may result in serious side effects such as vision defects, shortness of breath, and impaired cardiac function.

If you are taking any of the following sexual enhancement products it is recommended that you stop immediately and switch to something natural, without the negative side effects.

  • Power Male Sexual Stimulant
  • King of Romance
  • CONTROL All Natural Sexual Enhancement
  • Boss Number #Six
  • Bull’s Genita
  • Golden Night
  • Mamba is Hero
  • Neophase Natural Sex Enhance
  • Salute Capsules
  • Sextra
  • Weekend Prince
  • Wonder-Erect Male Gum
  • Old Chinese
  • XtraHRD
  • African Viagra
  • Black 3K Plus
  • Rhino 7K 9000
  • Rhino 8 Platinum 8000