L Arginine HCL

L Arginine HCL - Semenax IngredientSupplementation including L Arginine HCL has been shown in studies, to increase sperm and semen levels by as much as double, while increasing fertility for men with low sperm counts. Arginine is one of the most common natural amin

o acids. This amino acid is considered semi-essential in Mammals, and generally most people produce enough of this amino a

cid to not require supplementation.

The role of arginine in the human body is cell division, healing wounds, removing ammonia from the body, aiding in the release of hormones, and in helping with immune function.

One primary effect of arginine is the result of vasodilation – an increase in the diameter of blood vessels. This is accomplished by the smooth muscle endothelial cells lining the blood vessels being stimulated to produce nitric oxide. The nitric oxide stimulates blood vessels to relax and expand which increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles during bouts of intense exercise.

This increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery can enhance performance, allowing muscles to produce more strength all while delaying the onset. L Arginine is also readily available from many dietary sources including meats such as beef, poultry and wild game birds. Milk, whey protein and yogurt are also significant sources. Some fish and seafood such as shrimp, shellfish, tuna, salmon and halibut also contain l-arginine.